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Album - Late To The Party

Late To The Party



Late To The Party. Late To The Party

Yeah I'm just getting started. Guess I'm Late To The Party


Verse 1

Everybody popping mollies.

I'm sweating too but that aint how I get my jollies.

I aint saying that my life is free of follies.

But for the most part, man a brother's been solid.

Never had my biz in the streets

Now I do it big on these beats

Mom and Dad say they're proud of me.

Finished grad school by 23.

Not a genius, but think with more than my penis.

Good credit and my record looks like it's straight from the cleaners.

Yes, photo shoot fresh.

But because I choose music some say I'm going left.

I blaze my own path in front of me.

That's why I'm called an Anomaly.

The main event can't ever be tardy.

I was handling biz, that's why I'm late to the party.


Verse 2

I did the school thing. Excelled in academics.

But now I'm trying to bring Hip Hop past the limits

Of hood stories and ghetto glory with allegories

Of a little black boy on a middle class voyage.

Probably think we're all trapping or born rapping

What entertainers imagine is your only interaction.

That's ignorant and that breeds fear.

Fear leads to hate. And we don't need that here.

You don't want to talk about it. I don't want to let it go.

Media monopolizes just to see ratings grow.

And we fall for it on repeat.

I tell a different tale on these beats.

Dark skin, bright future, clear vision.

Integrated with innovative precision.

By decision. This ain't luck shorty.

I planned to be late my own party.




I put that on my family. I put that on my name.

I will always be true to the game.

I put that on everything (everything)

Everything (everything)

Everything (everything)

I put that on my momma. I put that on my wife.

I put that on my first born baby and my life.

I put that on everything (everything)

Everything (everything)

Everything (everything)


Verse 1

Dragon says be patient, but I don't like waiting.

If I don't blow soon, wifey gone be debating.

Should she stay? Or should she go?

I'd hate to see her leave, but it's on with the show.

What we have is real, but if the wind blows. 

The one thing that's Infinite is my flow.

You can't divorce that, never had to force that.

Got the city riding with me like my tracks are horseback.

But one town, that aint gon cut it.

To really Make N.O.I.S.E., I need about a hundred.

The experts say, that takes a lot of funding.

So I told J, let's get to running.

Keep throwing tracks at me till the game is slap happy.

Mayweather with the mic, vocals been a tad jabby

Target is the faces of everyone who laughed at me.

This is aint Hogswarts, but musically we have magic.


Verse 2

Voted the best local, my aim's been higher.

Love my city but I'd rather have an empire.

We're on that highway. Road tripping

Like them frat boys, but the goal is different.

You can be certain, I am on my Tyler Durden

Trying to get this dream working till my present seems perfect.

I want it flawless when I wake.

God made me in his image, so that's all I'm gonna take.

I'm outchea homey. With OUT fear on me.

If promoting means I'm thirsty you can douse beer on me.

Go ahead. Spill the whole keg.

Water board if you want, bet I won't beg.

Y.A.E.G.I. on my back. 1 of 1's on my feet.

Everything coming to me, except for defeat.

So as I sever this beat, while spitting effortlessly.

I'll take you out of this world, call it my clever retreat.


Verse 3

We got our wings out, the team's coming up.

I never worry about, who's running up.

Or have I done enough, cuz if the sun is up.

I make N.O.I.S.E.! Me and my boys run amuck.

Running through towns like a handful of twisters.

For each mile I want a fan with a fist up.

Plans to resist us, fail miserably.

We don't make movies. We make history.

It's being written right now.

Got love for Virginia but I'm glad I left town.

Went from living with my mom like a peasant in the basement. 

To being in charge as the President of B.A.S.E. Inc.

Look bruh. I'm always on my job

Like these MPs at an overseas FOB.

That slacking's for them other guys.

I'm Infinite. I'll work till I'm immortalized.

Black Burban

Black 'Burban …. Black 'Burban

Been Hard working unearthing the Black 'Burban.

Verse 1

We're NOT all alike, though we were born equal.

It's what you do not where you're from. Come on people.

It's all good joe. I aint from the hood though.

In case you forgot, a lot us are not

Doing that trap thing or on that track team

Whatever I choose to do is a black thing. Ya dig?

Don't try to pigeonhole me.

Though I'm as big as the fridge, can't no kitchen hold me.

I came here in 03. Aint nobody know me.

A quick 10 years later, now they call me OG. (OG!)

This boy from the Burbs did work in the Burg.

Insomniacs get served these dream hors d' oeuvres. (Yessirr)

That's nothing but some work baby.

Respect my brand, same color as a smurf baby. (Ow Ow)

Holla back if it it's working.

Yall sound official. Must be the Black Burban.

Verse 2

Winners work. Haters talk.

That's why my dreams have wings and yours are made of chalk

Outlines cuz you been outshined

By those of us who've chosen to go and out climb

The bad habits of you bottom feeders.

Been achieving since before Run ever got Adidas. (My Adidas)

Yeah. How about that?

I make the kind of tracks that make Tiger glad to be black. (Fer shizzle)

Go ahead. Chew on that.

Black boy from the burbs, why you are doing rap?

Your vision's kind of thin if all you see is my skin.

I am more than my melanin. You need social developing.

Were you home schooled? In the backwoods?

Where the men wear the opposite of black hoods?

There aint no accidental racists.

Yall be working hard to hide it, until your daughter's dates me.


I'm too busy being me, to worry about folks who don't want me free.

I know who I am and I feed my fam.

So if you aint clapping I don't need your hand.


If I Want To


I will live every day on the brink.

If want to.

Dance, party, and drink.

If want to.

Throw up,  Pass Out, and repeat.

If want to. If I want to.  If I want to.

I could take a flying leap from the roof

If I want to.

Ride out with my crew.

If I want to.

Start a fire in this booth.

If I want to.  If I want to.  If I want to.

Verse 1

I live a good life, but I am not rich.

I've got a day job, that I will not quit.

I went from unknown to my city's top pick.

The talent crop is thick so we never stop to sit.

Working man's ethics. College grad game plan. 

We have fun everyday, but we aint playing.

That's word to Rogaine. I'm doper than your cocaine

I aint racing bullets but I could've dated Lo Lane.

Super. Like my options on the daily.

My academic training makes it possible to say we

Are living alright. My learning led to earning.

But I am steady churning, turnt up when your turn in.   

8 to 5 ?John Henry. 5 to 8?  Billy Foster

Accept no imposters. I'm like Jesse and Rasta.

That's 1 of 1. Custom made.

I'm doing what I want to. Every day.

Verse 2

I handle my business so please stay out of mine.

That is so out of line and you don't want to find

A brother like me as your adversary.

That's worse than scary, like a condom breaking free.

Whoa! You don't want that kind of strife.

I know you're not too bright but you don't want that in your life.

I'm way too grown to fight. I'm normally the type

To make sure that your pockets are the opposite of right.

I'm wrong for that but I'm known for that.

You was getting money with me? Well so long to that.

I'm the one with the people and with people comes power.

You oppose us then you've chosen to go and get devoured

But that aint what this track is s'posed to be about.

We are out, here doing sewing up the seeds of doubt.

Writing pages, wrecking stages cuz the flow is so contagious.

Making N.O.I.S.E. everyday just buzzing like we was cicadas.


Wings Out


Go ahead and take that chance.

Don't let fear break your plans.

How you gonna make your mark,

If you don't ever start

To let your wings out?

Let your wings out.

Verse 1

It might look dreary but the jury's not out yet.

Don't get teary. Crying's not the only outlet.

The world is full of people saying what you can't do.

Why join them when they can't hold your candle?

Just gotta show them that, you won't let them hold you back.

Deep well of talent, no bright lights gon evap.

You've been dedicated. Now let's elevate it.

From second fiddle to the soundtrack of celebrating.

You've been working hard. The payoff is coming. 

I've seen you on your job. No days off for nothing.

Anybody can say it. Belief is shown in action.

The weak man is laughing while the strong makes it happen.

Opportunity won't knock if the door is not erected.

The world is unaffected by those who've neglected

The gifts and the talents and the skillz they possess.

So let your wings out.  That feeling's the best.

Verse 2

We were meant to make N.O.I.S.E. like a speakerphone

Till our haters drop down and get their eagle on.

Split! And they can hold our bananas.

While we pose for the cameras; stick our nose up at bammas.

They been talking junk, bout time we recycle them.

Turn trash to cash then laugh at the sight of them.

Let's let our success be the antiseptic.

You're brilliant. Your life should reflect it.

Don't waste time on them. Just shine on them.

It's funny how they get smaller when you grind on them.

And when they change their tune, hit rewind on them.

Play it back, then act like you went blind on them.

You don't have to shoot them all. You can mute them all

By keeping paces that make them inhale albuterol.

Puff puff as you pass them

When you let your wings out and soar to heights they can't fathom.


This is for my folks who've been hated on.

Here's your boost. Let loose. What ya waiting on?

Let them see the swag in your stroll.

Can't win the game if you don't grab the controls.

And this is for us underdogs.

Crowded by doubters but now you see we're gonna ball.

I'm just playing out my dreams.

See good things happen when you let out your wings.


Boyz In The Burbs


The boyz in the burbs aint trying to be hard

But come talking that trash and we'll pull your card.

Yeah I gotta good life and aint throwing up sets.

But don't test me boy, cuz I'll ruin your rep.

Verse 1

Lunch room is the scene. Rob got there first.

We've been boys since sixth grade. He's seen my best and worst.

I was bout to go ham. It was taco salad Tuesday.

I was bugging out. I heard a shout. What did dude say?

My boy's involved so I moved at a fast speed.

As I arrived I heard someone call him half-breed.

Blood curdling. I should murder them.

He was talking about my clique? Man the nerve of him.

Oh you got jokes? You want to start something?

When they ask you to read why you start mumbling?

I'm impressed that you came up with half-breed.

This half-brain bamma can't even half read.

When you sound it out. It reminds me of Steve Hawking

Beat boxing. Yeah you read awesome.

Think you're tough cuz your neighborhood's bad man?

I think you read like the like the kid who thinks he's Batman.

Verse 2

I'm not a tough guy, but some of them have found.

You can find a beatdown outside of downtown.

Posh locations aint an open invitation

To, be getting  like there's no limit to my patience.

Who you trying to bully? Aint nobody shook boy.

Instead of running down my fam, read a book boy.

Oh wait! I forgot, you can't can you?

Your pops won't help you out cuz he can't stand you.

He doesn't even know you. What a lucky dude!

I bet your baby pics put your mom in a sucky mood.

She probably wishes she could drop you on your head again.

I hope you're mad I'm giving you your own medicine.

Let me stop though. Rob come on lets dip.

Cowards like him are known to try and set trip.

We don't want problems like he don't want to read aloud.

Look at his clenched fist, furrow in his unabrow.

Didn't come to school to fight. I aint trying to get suspended.

Gotta game Friday night and I intend to be up in it.

Back down? I don't have to run from of you.

Your reading level's back down around one or two.



E-T-O baby every time out.

Every time out. Every time out.

We do it E-T-O baby every time out.

That's what we're all about. We do it every time out.

Verse 1

Consistent with the flow. Every record. Every show.

When I leave my front door you see the moves of a pro.

We aint trying my dude, I'm not just talking.

I got bad knees, still do a lot of walking.

We put up. We show out. 

Created our own lane. Don't need your route.

Not waiting to get signed. This aint a hold out.

We been winning without Gwenning. There is no doubt.

B.A.S.E. Inc Music. Allergic to the losers

Who say good money won't come from making good music.

That's what happens when you have good people. 

And when your hustle game has no equal.

These dope boys have never spoken for us.

Got crowds Making N.O.I.S.E. like the home team scored.

It aint me. That's not what I'm about.

But, I be going in. (When?) Every Time Out!

Verse 2 

City on my back like I'm late paying utilities.

Know that I'ma rep you to the best of my abilities 

Yeah I'm a transplant. That's documented well.

But it's bout where you're from AND where you get your mail.

Don't know about you, but I know about me.

When I look into the mirror, what I see? That's a G.

And a real emcee, who's been giving yall fire.

But aint too big to still pass out flyers.

If you said you out work me, you're a got damn liar.

Two states on my plate. Black Burban on the rise.

Yeah I got no priors. Aint selling no yay.

Rep the boys from the burbs. Came to say it's okay.

Be yourself homey. Do what YOU like.

Ride that skateboard or a motorbike.

Whether it's BMX or DMX, 

The only thing you have to do, is be your best.


Struggle 2.0


Since my first crawl. No wall's been too tall. I'm 

Built for the struggle.

They can mock my town or knock me down but I'm 

Built for the struggle.

This pain won't last. This too shall pass. I'm

Built for the struggle. 

Plot your own escape. It's never too late when you're

Built for the struggle.

Verse 1

Middle child. Used to fight for eye contact.

But now I contact thousands with my tracks.

My story isn't rags to riches. 

But much like you I'm trying to fight through

All the poison in my path.  I'm avoiding the trap

And them boys with the straps.

I just want to be heard. 

That's what I deserve. I've been putting in work.

Trying to make an impression that'll never leave Earth.

Verse 2

Mom had a baby brother who died on the field so

When she said that game's dangerous, she meant it for real.

Pops said that he was fast cuz he aint like getting hit.

I wanted the contact cuz them boys were talking shit. Like

There goes the big head kid.

My plan was to use my helmet to deliver some licks.

Pretty soon the same ones who were bumping their gums

Started dapping me up when we busted a run.

And yeah they still had jokes

But I learned that words & rocks can't stop my hopes. 

Went from O-line with it to giving you my lyrics

As a way to clear a path to you having high spirits.

Yeah. And that's word  to Matt D. 

Plus your whole crew. Bob B. and Jacci

ROSS! And your sisters also.

The way you Make N.O.I.S.E. has just been awesome.

I identify with those who've openly chosen to

Break free from holding themselves from owning

Every moment by showing their demons the door and

I'm inspired by that. I admire all that.

Verse 3

It's funny how things turn out.

Some of the cool kids now are the burn outs.

I might've been but that was never my focus.

Had a plan that don't include being hopeless.

Who can stop him? How could I not win? 

They say it's lonely at the top so I brought kin!

Family first, till I'm crammed in a hearse.

Not fitting your transmission, better slam in reverse.

Control your life manually. Connect at least annually.

And you'll be, better for the effort cuz your family

Is irreplaceable. If they should go

I would probably shed tears till the basement's full. 

Can't outpace yourself, when you race yourself.

At the end of my days I gotta face myself.

That's what they deserve and why I'm putting in work.

Trying to make an impression that'll never leave Earth.


Beam Off


I can be more and you can be more.

We'll both me more then we'll go beam off.

We can beam off together.

Yeah we can beam off together.

Verse 1

Your work ethic is what makes you worth effort.

The very first step is to go and reverse methods

That impede our growth, best known as the worst weapons

They'll kill you every time; I call them the hearse helpers

We got issues, you're my aid to face mine.

You let me know when my ego is racing my waistline.

When I'm being too harsh or overbearing.

When my eyes wander, you let me know I'm staring. 

My reminder to find time for the family.

All week in the streets only leads to calamity.

Sometimes we switch around places.

I tell you when your tears have no foundation.

Let you know that a text aint the best communication.

Or when your attitude needs a new rotation.

But I love you how you are 

So take my hand sweetheart so we can beam off.

Verse 2

Let's strive for the sky knowing that we won't reach it.

And we should end up balling instead of up on the bleachers 

Share more than a bed even our dreams linked up.

I knew before we got started that we synced up.

Might miss it for a moment but I'd rather need chemo

Than rewind it BACK to the days of being single

New broads carry momentary rushes

But compared to you they aint bringing nothing. (Let's discuss it.)

You put in work whether or not I notice.

That's why I love you. A girl who can match my focus.

On the surface we might seem like opposites

To outsiders but they're not watching properly.

The way you're loving me. They way I'm loving you.

It's got me glowing inside like the oven do.

I didn't really know myself till I discovered you.

Believe that leaving is something I'll never do.


New day. 

Another chance to elevate.

When you wake,

I'll greet you with this serenade.




We drop bombs in the booth. Check the flow for proof.

We spit a verse tight. You'd swear rap's our birthright.


Verse 1

Rap's not my birthright but with all this skill.

It's like my grandpops left it for me in his will.

And he was gone before I came so I had it at birth.

I was dribbling syllables down Garanimals shirts. 

I'm way beyond sick and J is ill on the terminals

We stay burning like grills on Memorial.

Not from DC but I'm Captain America 

You fast twitch crabs get passed in this marathon.

We got a streak of hits, longer than them feature flicks.

Flow old school like my shell-toed sneaker tips

I'm sort of like a freak with this, surely you agree that it's

A matter of time till we're awarded with the keys to this.

Already locked though, been blown the spot yo.

Bars by the bulk. Might spot them up in Costco.

Music stays funky to your ears and your nostrils

Aint hard to find, just follow where the props go.


Verse 2

Deoxyribonucleic acid

Is the number one item on my list of assets.

Born a winner. Yes I am trying to brag.

I used to chase my dreams, but nowadays we play tag.

Now I can go stag and still dance till dawn.

And when I don't show they claim the feeling is gone.

Yeah  they're feeling me mom! Holla at your middle boy.

Told you one day I'd get paid for making a little noise.

Join the nation where the citizenry

Loves real Hip Hop and they get it from me.

And rebukes those who said that this music is dead.

Cuz they knew what I could do when I came through with my pen.

Considered Jewish to them. Flows of the chosen.

Foretold by omen and known as a showman.

Daddy was a soldier but I've grown into a shogun.

Son of an angel with a halocentric slogan.


Verse 3

We got lines every where like polygraph tests.

We aint worried bout your crew, they probably have breasts

Lil puff & pass rappers. Your flows are half-pipe.

Don't act right? If found they'll be checking your half-life.

Deeply embedded in my code of genetics

Is a flow that has grown to be known for kinetics.

We move the masses with brand new classics.

Mr. J on the beat. He's the man with magic.

I'm so Worthy when I sky like Jabbar

Big man going far cuz I ball like Lamar.

Got the, versatility to lead the break

Or work the pivot while I'm giving emcees the shake.

We bang blocks to Bangkok, but no we don't slang rocks

Here homey; we're the one who make flames hot.

Ya dame's got, me and the squad in her iPod.

You can't touch us. You came on some crutches.



White Boy


White boy you don't belong.

You need to move along.

What are you doing here, white boy.


Verse 1

I grew up, far from rich but not quite hood.

So I didn't fit in quite that good.

Too black for the soccer moms to really feel comfortable.

Other black kids use to call me a Huxtable.

My folks are educated; my mom has her master's

My dad was an officer, enlisted Army fashion.

Wanted to be like them. I was far from a bastard.

My early ambition was to be a sportscaster.

When grades came out I impressed my folks.

But with some classmates that just brought jokes.

I was like, JESUS, everybody hurling rocks.

Really had my head spinning. Used to wish my world would stop.

I was smart and played ball so they called me Urkel.

And made sure I felt square amongst all the circles.

I could take a little teasing but they never stopped playing.

Everywhere I went I heard everybody saying

Verse 2

The jokes stayed lame. And I got bitter.

My growth spurt came. And I got bigger.

Thought maybe things would change. Don't know how I figured. 

If it wasn't white boy, they called me big head ______

Angry young man, thought rage was my best bud

Hate wouldn't solve it so I thought I would test love

Black girls were a rarity. They said I wasn't thug.

Felt like I had leprosy. I couldn't get a hug.

But every single time I dated outside my race.

They were the first to violate my personal space.

So when white chicks caught feelings, it wasn't worth the drama

And it usually got deaded by their racist dads and mammas.

Senior year came and I thought I had them charmed.

Messed around and got voted as the King of the Prom.

OW OW!! But the joke was on me.

Still odd man out when they put on a slow beat.

They sang…



iBall iShow 

iRhyme iFlow

I got this thing some call a gift.

B.A.S.E. Inc is the squad that you party with.

iGrind iGo 

iWrite iKnow

That I got this thing some call a gift.

Dream Team is the squad that you party with.


Verse 1

When I flow, it leaves a great impression.

Nowadays aint no haters in my section.

They went from heckling to having to respect him.

To getting their outsides introduced to their rectum.

Cuz the flow is bananas man.

I'm burning tracks like money in banana stands.

You can't arrest my development; you're still on the teet.

Of your alcoholic mommy while I be on the street.

Banging the block; you feel the tremors.

Day job or the music; that's a real dilemma. 

Cuz the game is so shady and the snakes run rampant.

But B.A.S.E. has a place on your neighborhood campus.

The rapping Billy Madisons; faces made for cameras. 

We Mona Lisa the track no matter what the canvas is.

Always a masterpiece

When you see me point me out and say that's the beast.


Verse 2

I've never had to live in a group home.

My struggle is trying to put my group on

These lil haters couldn't fit my baby shoe on.

Come try me. You gon wind up getting pooped on.

You can find me in the booth with my boots on

Kicking ish making hits like a new Combs.

Got other artists saying "How can I get you on

My songs?" Well here's what you can do holmes.

Quit rapping. Make a beat like this man.

Or learn an instrument and go join a chick band.

Better still, take a chill in some quicksand.

I keep it moving. I aint losing with a kickstand.

I don't feel the need to rhyme with none of yall.

My pen springs so my bars do somersaults 

Long winters for you sinners wishing I would fall.

I'm well seasoned. So it's treason thinking I'ma stall.


Verse 3

No famous DJ, my producers not American.

I go my own way so I stray from comparisons.

Yes I'm arrogant. But I back it up babe.

Unless Beyonce's your girl, I'm an upgrade 

I take charge to ensure that I will never flop.

Deceiving yourself, thinking I will ever stop.

Hating on me is like hiring Kevorkian.

You only kill yourself and fill up my organ bin.

Body parts, from those throwing shoddy darts.

Left leaking in the lot like shopping carts.

You babies couldn't find a breast in your momma's bra

You couldn't catch a slave on the Amistad.

Best believe Hip Hop is something I live.

I get open every day like your eyelids.

In other words, I can handle my biz.

So much flow turned the booth into an island.


Match My Focus


Not a brown chick. Just a down chick.

Someone cool, who I can clown around with.

But when it's time to grind, she's the first to notice.

I need a girl who can match my focus.

You aint gotta be a white chick. Just the right chick.

A girl that isn't looking for someone to fight with.

And when it's time to grind, she's the first to notice.

I need a girl who can match my focus.


Verse 1

Verse 2

Verse 3

Grind & Grow


New Year






End Of My Days



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